The Shotgun.

The Shotgun is a firearm that can be accessed by either pressing "3" on the NumPad, or switching weapons manually. It is essentially a close-combat weapon, that is extremely weak at anything above mid-range, but at point blank can frag an enemy in one go. The Shotgun takes a second to reload, so it isn't preferred in normal combat, but like the Gauntlet is good for surprising enemies. The Shotgun is often compared to the Plasma Gun in combat.


  • The Shotgun has hitscan properties, which means that it will instantly hit as soon as the server registers your fire input. The other weapons to carry hitscan properties are the Machinegun and the Chaingun.
  • The Shotgun fires 20 pellets in two rings (10 in each). The inner ring deals 7 damage per pellet while the outer deals 4 damage per pellet, for a max of 110 damage, which is essentially point-blank range.
  • A player can carry a maximum of 25 shells at a time.
  • Shotgun ammo boxes give 5 shells while shotgun spawns give 10 shells.
  • There is a small delay between each shell fired, as the shotgun is pump-action and must be reloaded after each shot.


  • To use the Shotgun to its maximum effectiveness, you have to at very close range, if not point-blank. Accuracy is critical with this weapon, just winging an opponent will generally only do 20-60 damage. 
  • Although somewhat frowned upon, the Shotgun can be used at medium range to pick at an enemy's health by ducking in and out of cover between shots. 

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