Campgrounds (dm6), is one of the most popular maps in Quake Live. It's a big map, mostly used in FFA, CA or duel servers. There are three key areas you would want to control:

  • The central area, with the jump-pad to the rocket launcher. It contains Quad Damage or in some game modes Mega Health.
  • The Red Armor area, which is very important in duels.
  • The area with sets of towers and a jump-pad, containing the Yellow Armor.

Weapons in this map:

Good map knowledge is very important in Campgrounds. Mostly for getting the necessary weapons and the major items. Also for losing the attacker quickly when low on health.

It is a large and open map, so Railgun is very effective. You can basically rail across the map.

  • Red Armor
  • Yellow Armor
  • Central area
  • Rocket launcher area
  • Railgun area
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