Armor absorbs 66.6% of the damage received, the other 33.3% will be removed from health. Maximum amount of armor you can have is 200. If you have more than 100, then the armor will slowly decrease back to 100. The same thing applies to health. All armor pickups respawn after 25 seconds.

There are 4 types of armor that you can pick up.

Armor ShardEdit

Armor shard
  • Picking up shards gives the least amount of armor.
  • They give 5 points of armor each.
  • Shards are usually found in bunches of 4-5.

Green ArmorEdit

  • Armor green
    Green Armor gives 25 points of armor.
  • Green Armor isn't used in many arenas.

Yellow ArmorEdit

  • Armor yellow
    Yellow Armor gives 50 points of armor.
  • It is found in (almost) all arenas.

Red ArmorEdit

  • Armor red
    Red Armor gives 100 points of armor.
  • It is found in most arenas.
  • It's the best armor in Quake.